‘Wander in the West’ is quite possibly the most epic road trip that will take place in the American West, to date. Even Lewis & Clark might get a little jealous of what’s about to go down on this adventure. We’re teaming up with many great brands and American made products to bring them to you via the web, mobile, video or in person at 27 instameets (meetups using Instagram) along the way.

Our mission is to connect people in their local environments to the great people, brands and products that are made in their own backyards and they don’t even know it. We’re helping to support all of the American makers that are working hard to create unique things wherever they may be and more attention needs to be brought to these unique movers & shakers.

Our vision is that Everywhere Goods will be the leader when it comes to curated, well-designed products made all over the World. We believe there is a new movement and a culture being formed that encompasses good design, well-made products, healthy living and a strong passion for the outdoors and the places that have helped mold us to become the people we are.