Sedona was a wild one. We pulled into town and realized that the Winnhaven had a plumbing issue with one of the pipes in the bathroom. When we connected the water at our camp site, it went everywhere and basically flooded the bathroom. Because of this, we weren’t able to show off the Winnhaven at the event.

The actual pop-up market event at Hozho ended up being a decent turnout despite the fact that it was an insanely windy day (our shelves blew over and broke some stuff) and we had some issues with the space we were loaned by the people at the Hozho center. Next year, our goal is to seek much larger, open spaces. 🙂

After the pop-up market we had a great InstaMeet and photo hike led by our friend @iantothewild, a Sedona local. We checked out a spot that is near and dear to Ian, called ‘Secret Slick Rock’.

All-in-all, it was a great time in Sedona. On to the next one!