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When we arrived in the unique PNW city of Bellingham, Washington, we started noticing these incredibly beautiful and well-thought-out coffee shops called ‘Woods Coffee’. (about 20 locations so far) They kept popping up in the most diverse areas of the city and we would talk about the design of the brand and how it fit the woodsy environment it was found in.

We got the opportunity to check out one of the locations, right along the waterfront at Boulevard Park. As the sun was setting, we took a walk down the elevated board walk and we snapped some shots of our Woods beverages.

Digging deeper into the small but growing coffee chain, we found out some super interesting facts about it:

Woods Coffee started as a homeschool project.

Wes and Diane Herman opened their first shop back in 2002, together with their four children (13-19) who we’re all homeschooled. They used this as a chance to work together as a family and create a business they could all be a part of. Natalie, their oldest, came up with the name.

Woods is about meeting and connecting with others.

Starbucks backed out of one of Wood’s locations, just before the completion. Woods was able to come in and scoop it up but they made a change for the better. The original build of the Starbucks shop came with 16 seats so they could increase turnover and optimize for sales. Woods upped it to 40 seats before opening to optimize for community. We thought that was really cool. They want people to come in, enjoy the atmosphere and their coffee and meet others in the process. They have no problem with people hanging out for hours on end.

They have a Roastery in Bellingham

If you want a first-hand experience into the roasting process, you can visit the Woods Coffee Roastery, located in Bellingham. You get a first-hand look at their state-of-the-art 35-kilo Loring Smart Roast roaster, which produces a cleaner, brighter cup of coffee. With no need for an afterburner, Loring roasters reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80 percent, compared to other roasting manufacturers. That’s pretty neat!


Check out some of these Yelp reviews to get a better idea of what people think!


“This coffee house has got to be the most ADORABLE coffee house I have ever seen!”

Review by Kate R.

“I must say that this is one of my favorite coffee shops that I can definitively get lost in time and grab a good book to read. The dark wood and the river rocks of different sizes and colors outside the shop made me even eager to come in. I was even more astounded what I saw on the inside. “

Review by Jean C.

“The scenery is unparalleled and the coffee is great. Even during the winter, when the wind off the water can chill you down to the bone, this is a great stop so you can sit by the fireplace. In the summer, stop by the to go window and take your coffee to go.”

Review by Mia C.

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Phone Number: 360-738-4771

Address: 470 Bayview Dr. Bellingham, WA 98225